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Early Childhood Center

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FREE PRESCHOOL IS NOW AVAILABLE FOR MOST 4 YEAR OLDS!  Classes to begin September 20, 2021.   Please call 586-510-2800 for more information.
Transparency Reporting My School Data
little girl waving
Naptime - little boy sleeping
Young boy wearing mask
Little boy coloring in numbers
little girl looking down focused on what she is doing
Little boy playing on the carpet
Two girls playing with a xylophone
little girl holding yellow fish with the letter K
little girl holding colored drawing of building she created
child on snowy piece of playground equipment
Preschool age boy sorting buttons by color and shape
Young boy playing in preschool
Little girl building with blocks
Little girl smiling beneath mask
Child in preschool
Little boy looking down at what he is doing
little boy with hand in the air

Getting ready to apply some FORCE on a lever!

Little girl coloring in numbers
two boys building a structure
Boy on playground equipment
little boy looking down with concentration
little girl mixing pink paint
little girl ready to apply force (her hand) to a lever (popsicle stick balanced on a marker)
Little boy feeding doll rocks with a spoon
little girl holding a paper fish with a w on it
little girl with smiling eyes
Little girl with play cupcakes
little boy wearing his mask
Little girl drawing with marker
Naptime - little girl sleeping
Little boy coloring in numbers
Little girl circling letters in a poem
Little girl building with blocks
Children on the playground
Little boy in preschool
Boy building with blocks
Little boy building with ring blocks
Two girls playing in preschool
little boy holding yellow paper fish with the letter T
little girl doing experiment with levers

Look how far I can make the pom pom fly!

Little boy building with blocks
little girl holding a fish with a letter on it
Little girl showing green star button
Little boy playing in preschool

Preschool Updates

Preschool Updates Image
GSRP is scheduled to start Monday, September 20, 2021.  Applicants will receive a call from their child's teacher on or around September 8, 2021.