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FREE PRESCHOOL IS NOW AVAILABLE FOR MOST 4 YEAR OLDS!  Classes to begin September 20, 2021.   Please call 586-510-2800 for more information.
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School Safety

School Safety


Due to the COVID-19 crises, the Early Childhood Center is currently operating remotely and not conducting drills.  Once in-person instruction has resumed, drills will be posted as required.


School safety is very important to us. We have established a secure, safe learning environment for your children in several ways. A buzzer/intercom system is installed on our front doors. We have evaluated our emergency plans and revised them to reflect the changes to our building. Procedures have been established for medications and emergency kits. A relationship has been established with Big Boy Headquarters to provide an evacuation point. Finally, we will follow the State of Michigan mandates for fire, tornado, and lockdown drills (see below). A list of our completed drills is downloadable at the bottom of this page. We are very proud of our caring, sharing, nurturing climate and are happy to include safety and security to our center.


  • 4 Fire Drills - three must be before December 1, two with reasonably spaced amount of time
  • 3 Drills with students restricted to inside of building, during lunch or recess - 2 lock downs, 1 hazmat (shutting down HVAC units)
  • 2 Tornado Drills - one must be in March.
  • All drills must be posted to our website within 30 days of occurrence and reported to the OEMC website.